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Making of a Rosewood Elephant

Making of a Rosewood Elephant

Making of a Rosewood Elephant
By Gijo George

Elephants carved from pure Rosewood are rich in beauty and elegance. Only experienced and talented craftsmen could make this craft, as it takes lot of time, effort and attention on the part of Craftsman. A single deviation on the part of Craftsman will result in a bad product.

First step in making a Rosewood Elephant is identifying the right wood for making it. It depends on the size of the Elephant. Once the wood is selected, craftsman starts chiseling the unwanted portion of the wood till it reaches that stage where the wood will somewhat looks like an Elephant. Then the master Craftsman steps in and starts the finishing work. This stage is very important as the final output purely depends on the Master Craftsman's talent, planning and visualization. Once the product is finished, it is polished and dried. No machines are employed throughout these processes.

These Elephants are made in different sizes and in different posses. Some of them with Trunks-up, Trunks-down, fighting each other, Mother elephant with child elephant etc.. Kerala's Craftsmen are renowned for making Rosewood Elephants. These Elephants are admired by foreign tourists to Kerala who buy number of them to give them as gifts when they return to their homeland.

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